Top 3 Reasons to Have a Wedding Timeline

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- Top 3 Reasons You Should Have a Wedding Timeline -

Dearest Bride,

Now that all the excitement and commotion has settled down since your engagement, you're ready to sit down and plan your wedding day budget, write your guest list and send out Save the Dates, right?  Sounds perfect!  Just know that hiring the perfect photographer is just as important as deciding whether to DIY your invitations or hire a calligrapher.  

One of the most important parts of the planning process is having a Wedding Day timeline.  Your photographer should already be familiar with doing this and be prepared to work with you and your Wedding Coordinator to complete one no later than one month prior to the wedding day.  Here's a sample timeline:

  1. First, having a wedding day timeline establishes a general outline of events for the day so your photographer knows what to expect, can be prepared for the day's events accordingly and allow a certain amount of time to photograph details of the day.  This way, your photographer will be able to handle unexpected delays or problems should they arise.  Preparation makes all the difference! Without the timeline, capturing significant and beautiful details can be strenuous or even not happen altogether. For example, if the bride and groom want getting ready portraits but will not be at the same location, your photographer needs to know how to accommodate your request.  Your portraits may have to be scheduled at different times or your photographer may need to have a second photographer.
  2. Secondly, having a timeline keeps your photographer and Wedding Coordinator on the same page. It can be a disaster {literally} when your photographer who is expected to capture your wedding story as it unfolds has no clue as to what's happening and when.  For example, if you plan to have the bridal party throw rice or release doves just after the recessional, your photographer deserves to know in advance to ensure he/she has ample time to prepare and has the proper equipment.  Gone are the days when your photographer just captures the wedding ceremony and family formals.  Most brides are expecting a luxury album that tells their wedding story through beautiful imagery captured throughout the day from her getting her hair styled to leaving the reception with her husband.  It's much easier for that story to be told chronologically when a timeline has been established.
  3. Finally, having a timeline increases the chances of you getting all your gorgeous fairytale wedding details captured as well as the family formals.  From the bridal bouquet and shoes to the wedding rings, invitation suite and groom's tux - these are the small moments that you're going to want in your album or at least in your portrait gallery when you're ready to share your wedding story with family and friends.  Speaking of family formals, it's a great idea to type out a list of all the family groupings and VIP's you'll want to be photographed during the wedding, after the ceremony or at the reception. Appoint a designated person to call out and check off the names of each grouping as they are photographed, and this will save you the heartache later of missing someone near and dear to your heart. 


I sure hope that you find this information helpful as you continue to plan your perfect wedding day! After all, you want every single detail to be in order, right? Just know that communication is key and having a great relationship with your photographer can make the difference between having mediocre portraits of your day and photographs that are full of emotion and meaningfulness behind each carefully crafted detail.

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