The Wedding Planning Series | Feature Business: L. Mari Catering

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The Wedding Planning Series

- L. Mari Catering -

Dear Bride-to-be:

Are you wondering where to start first with your wedding planning?  I'd love to help you along your journey!

I want you to know that even if you don't choose me to photograph your wedding, I'm still here to provide resources for planning the perfect day from start to finish!  You deserve nothing but the best and need to know that you don't have to feel lost.  One of the first places I recommend you start is determining your wedding budget. It's much easier to categorize the things you want and need for your day when you have a dollar amount written down.  Get a special wedding planning binder to organize each line item and include the vendors you get quotes from to make it easier for yourself when making your final decision. 

Now that you're engaged, you've got cakes to taste, dresses to try on, and a full menu to plan for your reception!  Well, girlfriend, as a married woman who planned my own wedding (I even designed my own wedding invitation suite!), I can assure you that I'm here to help.  That's why I'm taking the time to curate a go-to list of local businesses who will provide that special touch you're looking for.

Allow me to introduce Chef L. Mari of L. Mari Catering, a creative entrepreneur who specializes in urban yet healthy cuisine.  She's here to make your wedding day menu one to remember!  

Have you ever researched something new before buying it?  What's the first thing that you do?  You go to Google to find out reviews by other customers who have experienced this particular item first hand, right?  That's what I usually do.  I also look for how reputable the company is.  Since that's what I do in my personal life (I probably could have been a lawyer since I tend to question and research the heck out of something before making a move), I thought it would be helpful to apply that same principle here.  I met up with Chef L. Mari personally in order to feature her gorgeous food here on my blog!  And, let me tell you, it's more than just pretty on the plate.  Her food makes your taste buds sing notes that Mariah Carey can't even reach!

Shown here is her signature blackened salmon with yellow rice and a vegetable medley.  I watched her start with fresh salmon and blacken it to perfection, then finishing with a secret ingredient that made it exceptionally scrumptious!  Chef L. Mari took the time to plate the food to perfection, just like they do on Food Network, ya'll!  The key to her signature food is more than just her culinary knowledge - it's also the attention to detail.

A little behind unknown fact about Chef L. Mari - she started her business because of her father encouraging her to pursue not only her dreams but also focus on her strengths.  L. Mari Catering specializes in:

  • Private to full-scale catering for individual and corporate events,
  • Specialty and pop-up events, and
  • Meal prep.

Who doesn't want to eat healthier?  Chef Mari makes it easy to enjoy your food, knowing it's fresh and organic along with using fresh herbs and spices.

As a family-oriented person myself (I'd better be as a momma of 8 birthed and 4 blended children!), I especially enjoyed just having a heart-to-heart conversation with Chef L. Mari and getting to hear the purpose behind her business.  Her vision to begin her own catering business was birthed out of her love for family and food.  Her belief is simple:"food is the bridge that connects people of various backgrounds together" and that "food is also nature's medicine; the healthier the selection, the healthier we'll function."

I sure hope this segment focusing on L. Mari Catering has been helpful to you.  You don't have to make all the decisions for planning the wedding of your dreams by yourself.  I want you to know that I'm here to answer questions and provide resources you can trust.

All my best,







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