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Hello sweet friend!

If you're just joining in on my journey, let me take a moment to share my why.

Now that five of the eight children I birthed are grown, I've realized the value of not only having photos of their childhood memories but quality portraits telling their story.  Back then, I was horrible at photography.  I have photo boxes and albums full of photos that are out of focus.  You know that saying, "If I knew then what I know now"?  That's been a mantra of mine since I learned how to properly use a camera.  I will also admit that I thought the quality of the camera made a big difference, but I can assure you, someone with a reckless driving history isn't going to drive a Ferrari any better than they would a VW bug! So out of all the frustration of going through my children's photos - especially when I started scrapbooking - and noticing the trend, I wanted to do something to change that.  Fast forward to now, and I have almost seven years of training and experience ok, trial and error - under my belt.  

The before picture is of my husband with our newborn son almost eight years ago.  The after picture is a client with her son.  Oh, how I would have loved to have captured the love and connection in the photo of my son and husband.  He would come home every day from work, set his lunch bag down, wash his hands and immediately cuddle with our new little.  If I could, I would have caught those moments of sharing kisses, snuggles, smiles, enjoying new baby smells and more.  Conclusion?  Genuinely captured emotions make what would've been a snapshot become an heirloom portrait.

Since I can't go back in time, one thing's for sure, I can help someone else to preserve their story of love through beautiful intimate photography. If I can capture a family's history through portraits that speak of connection, love, silliness, sibling rivalry, undying love and more - then I will feel fulfilled!  

Now, for the nitty-gritty stuff of this post - the gift of printing your photos.  In this day and age when everybody and their granny has a cell phone camera, we take snapshots of our everyday, post to social media, then we move on to the next life event.  Sometimes, you just have to slow down and smell the roses, so to speak.  Check out this quick video I made of my own littles looking at our newest photo album: 

  When the book came in the mail, they were so excited!  Along with being able to capture their joy of seeing themselves in an album, I also got to preserve their little voices and our seven-year-old son reading.  There's something so powerful about holding your memories in your hand, being able to touch a part of your history, and knowing these are the stories you'll pass down for generations.

Are you ready to be your own family's story keeper?  Perhaps you already are and just want to be better.  Whichever category you fall into, I'd love the opportunity to help you along your journey.  

Here's 3 top tips when capturing your family memories:

  1. Look for natural light that's soft.  What that means is look for a window that lets in a lot of light but isn't harsh.  Harsh light creates shadows.  Soft light makes your subject look like they're glowing.  In case you're outdoors, look for shade when possible, or ask your subject to turn their back to the sun.


I simply asked him to turn at a different angle and made sure the light was behind him.

 2.  Sometimes you have to create the right moment. Don't wait for the "right" or "perfect" moment because it may never come. Instead, create a moment that happens naturally and deserves to be captured.  Set up a tea party for your little and snap away while she's in her own world of play. Take your little boy to the park and capture him on the swing, slides and whatever else he likes.  Go to the library and photograph them playing and reading books. Get a basket and watch your toddler climb into it or push it around. Do outtakes of silly expressions. These are just a few examples of how you can have great moments that capture childhood. Here's an example where I found this cute antique car in Hamilton, Ohio and thought it would make a great backdrop. Turns out they did too! It's also hard to believe these photos were taken two years ago!

 3. Don't forget to get in the picture.  Nothing is better than reminiscing after you're all grown up and laughing at all the family pictures!  As children, we remember our parents (or whomever was our caregiver) being there with us.  Over time, and especially after a parent passes on, we want to see tangible proof of the love and bond we shared.  Printed photos validate our family relationship and our history.  Being able to see and touch pictures of family helps a young child recognize family members.  It can also bring closure to an innate question of "who am I?". Your story deserves to be told through portraits that include you.  It tells how important you are.  It shows that you matter.  It records all the love, hopes and dreams of what makes you who you are.  Here's two ordinary pictures of our family that, I'm sure, will increase in meaning and value over time.

We have twin sons who both serve in the U.S. Marines.  They didn't enter at the same time so one graduated in November 2015, while the other finished in January 2016.  Just the fact that they sacrificed to become part of the few, the proud, the Marines brings tears to my eyes sometimes.  I still can't believe they're all grown up, and are now both Lance Corporals!  

What stories does your family have to tell?  For the day-to-day details, these are three tips you can follow to help curate better stories through your photography.  For special occasions, or to make sure you're included in those stories, I'd love to help capture your beautiful heirloom.  Keep in mind, you'll be receiving a custom experience along with fine art quality prints and albums that can be passed down for generations.  

Connect with me by calling 513.402.0856 or clicking here.  

I'm on a mission to ensure that every family I serve has their story printed.  Simply because this is history.  Want to know more of the gift of printing your photographs?  Click here.

Thank you for allowing me to share in your journey.

From my heart to yours,



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