Glover Family Portrait Session | Ault Park | Do You Still Believe in Miracles?

July 22, 2017  •  4 Comments

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How has your summer been going so far? Busy? Hot? Fun-filled

Ours has been a mixture of all three of the above!

This week, we want to highlight the gorgeous Ault Park in Cincinnati, Ohio as well as the love this family has for one another.  There were so many lush green areas, flowers, plants, paved walkways, stone architecture, pebble walkways....aaaaaah, so much to soak in.  And peaceful?  Talk about God's handiwork.

If you grew up in church or know some praying folks, you'll have experienced God's miraculous ways.  Something so inexplicable happens to make an insurmountable problem get resolved so fast that you know it's supernatural!  No, we're not gonna preach to you, but it's alright to say "Amen" if you know where we're coming from.

You could say that is what happened in this family.  A miracle - that only God could perform.  Meet the Glover and Brown families.  Brought together by divine design and for such a time as this... 

See all that joy?  All those smiles and laughter were pretty much the entire session.  The youngest lady is the daughter.  She was raised by her mom, but spent a lot of time with her stepmom as well.  Her stepmom is a saved, sanctified and Holy Ghost filled woman who has seen so many miracles in her own personal life, you'd spend weeks just listening to her recount them!  Then there's the mom.  Mom was out in the world, doing her own thing, when lo, and behold, something got a hold of her and life changed completely - from the inside out.  

What we found to be so beautiful is how both mom and stepmom get along without any contention - the way God designed family to be.  

Yes, things happen and everybody doesn't always see eye to eye - but with prayer and talking things through + forgiveness, hugs and kisses = love.

 So this young lady testifies that she is so grateful for her two moms and that she must have needed two in order to keep her in line!  She's a sweet young lady who graduated from high school, attended Berea College in Kentucky and now works at the same job as her biological mom.  

We really enjoyed their portrait session and watching their interactions.  

Processed with MOLDIV

Of course, the ultimate goal of every portrait session is to create heirloom quality fine art prints and products that can be shared with loved ones for generations.  One of our client favorites are the mini accordion albums.  They easily fit into a purse or pocket to share memories on the go, make thoughtful gifts and are also magnetic.

Processed with MOLDIV Sharing prints with family is what portraits are all about - having your captured memories printed to re-live the joy over and over again, tell hilarious family history and make sure your legacy is not forgotten.

Processed with MOLDIV

Not only do fine art prints make great wall art, but also adorn coffee tables beautifully on easels or book stands.  Whatever your preference, just make sure you invest in beautiful portraiture that will testify of the miraculous blessings God has done in your own life.  You have your own story.  Your portraits will speak, long after there are no words.

Need to capture the joy and love of your own family?  Get in touch with us on our Contact page or send an email to  We'd love to get to know you, welcome you into our circle and capture the heart and soul of your family.

We pray all God's blessings upon you.

From our hearts to yours,

Gary & Angenise


Rawls Photography & Design
We had such a joyful time at the park during your portrait session! It was like a stroll through the park on a beautiful day!
Yes, Ault Park is huge, and even with so many people there, it didn't feel crowded.
Thank you for allowing us to share in your life's blessings! And may God continue to bless you and yours!
Gary & Angenise
Rawls Photography & Design
Tina, we are so honored that you chose us to capture your memories in such a special way! Family is so important and we are grateful to have been the ones you shared your life and testimony with.
Stay blessed!
Angenise & Gary
Tina O Glover(non-registered)
I love the beautiful pictures I thank you for all the memories that you captured that we can share forever...Thank you and may God continue to bless you and your family...
Coni Brown(non-registered)
I really enjoyed this Gary and Angenise Rawls. What u spoke was dead on. The session at Ault park was wonderful. Even though the park was full it's enough room not to be n anyone's way. Keep it going u guys ur doing a fantastic job.
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