Family Portrait Session | Cincinnati, OH | 5 Ways to Photograph Busy Kids

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Hello Friends and Family!

We have been so busy the last month or so and have neglected to keep you updated on our blog!  So sorry for the radio silence and we trust that you and yours have been doing great in the meantime!  

This time around, we want to share a session we did with a family who's story is so touching, plus how to get joyful "poses" of busy kids naturally instead of bribing, fussing, nagging, or chasing them!

Meet the Harrisons...


Their life story is special because they couldn't have children of their own, yet God blessed them in a special way to be able to adopt two beautiful little girls!  They prayed and prayed, and God answered their petition!  You should see these girls - full of energy, giggles, laughter and playfulness.  Yes, they are quite a handful...  

Want to know the secret to photographing happy kids?  

Here's five ways you can get portraits of your kids looking happy instead of just regular snapshots:

1. Give them something fun to do!  Or let them have something they're already familiar with.  The Harrisons' 5 year old daughter brought her umbrella, and even though there was no rain, it made a fun prop.  Their younger daughter was fascinated with the flower, which gave us a chance to photograph her intent look.

2. Allow them to show affection!  Kids usually like to hug and kiss.  This is a great time to photograph them doing something they naturally enjoy!  You'll be sure to get real smiles and laughter when they're hugging mom, dad or their siblings!

3. Wait until they're ready.  Don't force kids to stand or sit in a pose, then expect them to smile.  Saying "cheese" doesn't really look like a smile, it only allows the teeth to show.  If you look closely to your albums or framed prints, you'll notice that the natural smiles don't leave wrinkles in the forehead.  Even more, you'll be able to feel the emotion coming from the picture because it was genuine at the time it was taken.  If your child isn't ready to be photographed, wait until a time when they are.  Let them warm up to you, play for a bit or do an activity.

4. Play a game with them!  We asked mom and dad to take their girls on a wagon ride and it was like giving them ice cream!  The girls loved it, mom and dad had fun talking and we got some great interaction without a fuss!  

5. Let kids move.  Kids have a lot of energy.  They want to use that energy.  Why not channel it during the portrait session and get some fun "poses" while you're at it?  Have a tickle fight.  Play "ring-around-the-rosie".  Sing silly songs.  Let them explore their surroundings.  Ask them to try to jump higher than you.  Take them for a walk.  Just let them DO something.  This is a guaranteed winner every time.

Does this sound like the type of family portrait session you'd like to have?  Get in touch with us via email ( or call us at 513.212.4142 to learn more or book your session.  Know someone who's ready to capture their family's blessings? Share this blog post with them.

From our hearts to yours,

Gary & Angenise




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