Is Custom Boutique Photography Right for You?

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Hello Friend!

Hope you're enjoying this lovely spring weather we've been having!  We sure have!  We've been learning of great family fun places around town (many are posted on our Facebook page), and visiting them in our spare time.  Just can't wait for summer when the kids are out of school...We have lots of fun planned!

So, we figured that maybe you have or haven't heard of custom boutique photography, and that we could address what it's all about in today's post. Before we began our business, we knew we wanted to do photography but had no idea the field was so big!  Aside from the fact that some of the genres of photography include landscape, documentary, portrait, fashion, commercial, food, architectural, fine art and more, then we also had to decide the platform we wanted to run our business on.  After much reading, online courses, trial and error and joining photographer groups, we learned that there's a name for the type of services we offer.  It's called Custom Boutique Photography.  It doesn't refer to the genre, but rather the way we run our business.

If you've never heard this term, let us give you the summarized details.  It means we:

  • Help you choose the best location for your session based on natural lighting,
  • Consult with you prior to your session to make sure we are a great match for each other and we understand your portraiture needs,
  • Focus on connection and interaction rather than posing,
  • Cull and professionally edit all images,
  • Invite you to view your final digital images in person and show options for how to make a wall gallery,
  • Make sure you receive archival quality prints, wall art, albums, specialty products or custom invitations/announcements or cards.

We also do lifestyle sessions for maternity and newborn, which means we come to your home (or hospital in the first 48 hours after birth) to capture the love and miracles blossoming during this season of your life.  

For weddings, we like to take time to get to know our brides through email, conversation and of course, in person (maybe coffee or lunch?) well before the wedding.  Not only do we offer engagement portraits, but we work closely with the bride to complete a wedding timeline that allots enough time to get all those bridal party, pre-ceremony, reception details, and groomsmen portraits out of the way before the actual ceremony.  That way, all of us can rest assured that after the ceremony, we only have to do the family formals, wedding party and reception.  Did we mention that we love to get a stunning shot of the bride and groom's rings?  They can be composed with vintage or heirloom items dear to the bride or be worn by the newlyweds with their hands resting on a Bible.  

In case you didn't know, the "Design" part of our business name refers to graphic design.  We also offer custom and personalized wedding invitation suites, birth announcements, graduation invitations and open house announcements.  In addition, we enjoy designing nursery art, digital scrapbooking pages and even handmade canvas featuring your child or children's handprints with hand-lettered calligraphy.  When you've become an empty nester, you'll relish those tiny handprints that were captured, almost like having a time capsule.

The time that we take with each of our clients makes a difference because, as parents ourselves, we know how important it is to not only spend quality time with our children, but to sometimes document those precious times so future generations can see their history in action.

We aren't trying to compete with the large photography chains that offer tons of prints for a bargain.  Neither are we the type of photography business that takes your pictures, puts them all on a disc or USB drive, leaving you with the responsibility to decipher what pictures to print.  If that's what you're accustomed to, you could branch out and try custom boutique photography.  Then again, you may decide you'd rather stick with what you know.  Either choice is fine.  We're not trying to force you to like our style.  It's just that we can't expect you to make a decision without informing you of the facts, right?  

By no means are we the only photography business that uses this style of services.  We've learned along the way that the reason why we liked this business model is because we are print artists.  Simply put, that means we take pride and passion in seeing the whole process of capturing the portrait to ensuring the final product in print.  It also means that for art pieces (prints or canvas) larger than 11x14 will also include a Certificate of Authenticity, guaranteeing you've received an original art piece from us.  After all, this is part of your family heirloom.

Hope you find this information helpful!

Until next time, stay prayerful and grateful.

From our hearts to yours,

Gary & Angenise


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