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March 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello Friends!

We're so glad you're here on the blog with us!  Truly, we are so grateful for your support along the way and we want you to know it means so much to us.

Well, if you've been following us on Instagram, you'll know we celebrated the birth of grandchild number four!  Yay!  Que the organ and drums because we are definitely having a praise break!!!

Aaaaand, if you didn't already know by now, we are officially on Facebook!!! We are so happy to be establishing these connections, and would love for you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  We like to feature our clients, but also inspirational quotes, a word or thought of the day, ask questions, and we interview local businesses to feature them for our clients and to build community.  Definitely a lot of good stuff going on, right?  We don't want you to miss out, so follow us for healthy doses of goodness (amidst all the negativity in the world, who would pass up goodness?).

If you missed out on the sneak peek of our newest grandson, he was born a few weeks early and his lungs weren't fully developed.  We've been praying for him, and God has answered our prayers.  First of all, he was born over seven pounds (the nurses were even asking why he was in the NICU because he was so big!).  Second of all, before he was a week old, he was taken off the CPAP machine since his lungs had matured and allowed him to breathe on his own.  He didn't want the feeding tube, kept snatching it out, and started drinking milk!  Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  (That's a praise break song by the way!)  

When we visited him in the hospital a couple days ago, it was so amazing to watch him focusing his little eyes already and how content he was.  He was awake much of the time, and just kicked his little legs, yawned and sneezed, all precious baby goodness, if you know what we mean!

We just wanted to share our news about Facebook, plus we're currently in the process of building our new website to be launched soon.  Lots of exciting things going on at the same time!  We'd love to connect with you!  For more helpful information, such as wedding planning or choosing outfits for family portraits, feel free to connect with us on Pinterest!  The more love, the better!

Thank you again for caring, and please share if you know someone who can benefit from our services.

Until next time, stay blessed and encouraged.

From our hearts to yours,

Gary and Angenise


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