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Hello Friend!

Hopefully you have had a good week and are ready for the weekend!  We sure are!  My wife has been a little under the weather, but with rest and prayer, she's feeling much better now!  It's no good when your help meet is sick!  She literally helps me do everything, so...I'm glad my help is back!

Last week, we gave some tips on how to get better photos with your phone, since most of us have our phones on us all the time.  This week, we want to focus on printing those great memorable moments.  Often times, we take tons of pictures and they stay on our phone or in the cloud - when, ideally, those memories need to be printed so our loved ones can enjoy them.

Here are our top picks for professional quality print labs for custom prints, photo books, gifts and more:

  1. Artifact Uprising - This place has a plethora of ways to print your wonderful memories, plus a blog with a host of ideas and tips, such as travel photography, mobile photo tips, and more, more, more!
  2. Mpix - If you're looking for quality photo gifts, prints and more, this is another excellent choice.  They offer wall art, prints, cards and photo books.  
  3. Adoramapix - Yet another great choice for professional quality prints, collages, calendars and more.  Adoramapix also offers tips on their blog that are helpful with vacation photos, DIY tips and more!

You may be wondering why we are encouraging you to print your photos.  There's so much power in viewing a photo.  A memory is just in your mind unless you have a photo.  Sure, you can talk about that memory, but a picture can do so much more.  Especially after your generation is gone from this earth.  So, the next time your at an event or take a picture that is worth passing on, get it printed or make a photo book to tell your story.  

If you're looking for more ways to capture your family story, here are courses where you can learn at your own pace...Photography for Mamas and Video Storytelling Workshop.

Never forget the power of your legacy.

Until next time, be blessed.

From our hearts to yours,

Gary and Angenise



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