2017 Year in Review | You Made My Greatest Moments

December 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

- 2017 Year In Review -

Well, friends, it's hard to believe but this is the last post for 2017!  I've learned and grown so much during this year and I appreciate you going on the journey with me!  There were times that I fell, but I got back up.  There were times that I've cried, but after the rain came such beautiful sunshine.  There were times I felt weak, but in those moments I learned how to pray stronger, praise God more and trust that I would come out tougher for having gone through instead of running away from the pain.  Life can bring painful moments, but it's so full of joyful ones that they far outweigh the times those mountains seemed unsurmountable or those valleys that seemed too deep to emerge from. 


"Sometimes you don't realize your greatest strength until you come face to face with your greatest weakness." 

Susan Gale



Thank you and God bless each of you to have the best year yet to come in 2018!


From my heart to yours,



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