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Quick version: I believe portraits should capture genuine laughter and love! I love to sing and one of my favorite songs is "Smile/Better is One Day" by Jonathan Nelson.  My mama and daddy taught me old-fashioned manners and the importance of working hard and loving the Lord.  Now I'm a mama and I'm passing those same values on to my own children!  Plus, if you allow me to, I'll show you how to be your own family's story keeper!

Deep version: I'm Angenise Rawls, the face behind the camera!  This Cincinnati-born girl has Caribbean roots since my mom is from Antigua and my dad is from Trinidad.  The piano and a calligraphy pen are my two best friends when I'm not taking pictures.  Twelve people call me mom (8 I birthed and 4 are blended through marriage), while four call me grandma.  I've thought about pets but, naaah, the three children under 18 still at home are enough work for me. One thing people have said about me is that I'm a good listener.  I really believe that the Lord has given me the gift of connecting with people of diverse backgrounds and helping others has truly been a blessing to me.

Before my journey into professional photography, I majored in Social Work and graduated from the University of Cincinnati.  My first career out of college was a dream come true, because it allowed me to teach (my true passion) as well as help people.  Little did I know that my experience as professional development instructor and eventually a program manager would prepare me to have my own business today!  That career taught me the power of building relationships, getting to know the heart of people and why they're at that particular place in their lives along with being able to help them achieve their goals.  

Making connections and delving for a deeper understanding of my clients to provide portraits that convey their life season has become my number one goal.  Building a sense of trust from the beginning also gives me the tools necessary to create a one-of-a-kind handmade canvas to complement your wall portraits. It's important for me to make my clients feel and look beautiful, so getting to know you in order to determine the best portrait location and even help with coordinating attire for the family or engagement session is included in your complete portrait experience.  This is not a rush job - a smile and click then get your pictures drive-through service.  To me, offering custom full-service photography means taking time to learn who you are and your specific needs, following through with the portrait session, meeting one-on-one BEFORE booking your session and ALSO to preview your final images.  It's my pleasure to help you choose beautiful wall groupings and albums that you and your family will cherish for many years to come. 

Families and couples have chosen me because it's important to me to take time with each one before the event or portrait session to establish a connection. Plus, when they see fine art images in print or in an album, their eyes light up! Families and couples know I'm taking the time to create beautiful art from their images so all they have to do is enjoy their final masterpiece.  

Since starting in 2015, I've photographed church events, weddings, engagements, newborns, families and graduating seniors.  Knowing how important it is to continue learning and grow skills, I've recently undergone training to become a better wedding photographer.  With this new training, I now have to add more pictures to my portfolio (with new clients) to reflect the new style: classic, refreshing and a breath of fresh air.

Take a look around and if you like what you see, I'd love to help you treasure the beauty of your life story! Email me at hello@rawlsphotographydesign.com or call 513.402.0856 to learn more about how I can create your portrait heirloom!


Life. Love. Legacy.

Creating heirlooms of your beautiful life story