Hello and welcome!

It's been quite a journey for my wife and I to begin our photography business together.  When you have as many kids as we do (12 all together), your family takes precedence.  I worked a full time job and didn't retire until 2016.  My wife, for the most part, was a stay at home mother, squeezing in online classes between parenting when she could.  

We both realized that we loved photography after getting married, but my wife learned quickly that her passion didn't equal her talent.  She loved to take pictures, but they lacked the wow factor she was looking for. I'm so proud of her for going through all the training it took to get us to this point and love being able to share our passion with others by offering beautiful portraiture.

There comes a time in everyone's life that is worth celebrating.  Whether that is a wedding or the beginning of a new family, we look forward to creating a memorable experience and providing beautiful treasures you can see framed on your walls or in coffee table albums that should be passed down for generations. 

We'll help you treasure the beauty of your life story!


Life. Love. Legacy.

Creating heirlooms of life's most precious and beautiful moments